Geological Photogrammetry Study

Kincade Cliffside
on Sketchfab

In our efforts to assist the staff and faculty here at UAA we have been creating content for a geology course. One such piece is a three dimensional reconstruction of a cliff bank located in Kincade Park. Using this technique we are able to bring a large natural object and place it into a format that can be presented  in full 3D to distance learners any where in the world.

This type of content is created from a group of photos taken in secession, at an equal distance from, and starting at the far left of the subject and moving to the right. by creating this line-up of photos computer software can extrapolate the depth of objects in the images in a similar fashion to how we use our stereoscopic vision for the same task. After the software has estimated the depth and shape of the objects in the scene it creates a point cloud of all the data it has produced. once it has a point cloud to work with it can connect the dots and create a 3D mesh complete with a photo accurate texture. We are planning on expanding our skillset and use of this technique in the future with several more models for the Geology program as well as other projects.